Video: When Helen Thomas was ostracised for her anti-Israel remarks

Helen Amelia Thomas an American reporter and author best known for her long-time membership in the White House press corps had landed into controversy for her remarks against Israel in 2011. During an appearance on “Joy Behar” she defended the controversial comments about Israel which led her to resign as a White House columnist. The late columnist who died in 2013 had acknowledged that she probably should have “kept my mouth shut” instead of making the comments. She had said that she did not realize the statement would “ring that many bells”. Thomas had claimed that her statement was distorted, however she won’t care of the fracas surrounding her comments, she said.

She stated that she paid the price of freedom of speech. Clarifying the statement she said ‘they aren’t being persecuted, they don’t have the right to take other people’s land. And about Palestinians she said ‘remember these people are occupied and it’s their land.’

Regarding the criticism against her she said her ostracism was influenced by “organized lobbyists in favour of Israel…I can call the president of the United States anything in the book, but if you say one thing about Israel, and you’re off limits.” She regretted that her comments were misrepresented. However, Thomas did say that “I should have kept my mouth shut, probably.”

She lamented that three generations of Palestinians are living in refuge camps they are pushed out of their homes.

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