Woman dragged off plane, her lawyer says incident occurred because she’s “Muslim”

Woman dragged off plane, her lawyer says incident occurred because she’s “Muslim”
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Maryland[US]: Police dragged a woman off a Southwest Airlines flight claiming that woman said she has a deadly dog allergy.

In the video, a woman, Anila Daulatzai (46) can be seen being dragged off the plane in Maryland. The video was taken by other passengers on the flight and posted it on the internet.

During the incident, the woman apologized and said that her father is having surgery. However, an officer grabbed and dragged her from her seat.

She can be heard asking the officer, “What are you doing?” At one moment, she said, “I need to close my pants”. She also accuses one of the officers of ripping her pants.

‘I will walk off! Don’t touch me!’ she yelled.

A lawyer of the Daulatzai said that she never claimed that allergy to dogs was life-threatening. Her lawyer alleged that she was dragged off the plane because she is a Muslim.

Her lawyer also claimed that she agreed to travel with dogs on the flight. However, employees of Southwest airlines asked her to leave the plane.

This incident took place when the flight was preparing to leave from Baltimore to Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

According to the news published in Daily Mail, her attorneys said, ‘She survived sexism, racial profiling, and police brutality that fateful day’.

It may be mentioned that she is presently pregnant with her first child.

Meanwhile, officials of the airline said that Daulatzai was needed to produce a medical certificate. They also said they can ask her to leave if she does not produce it.

Spokesman of the Southwest airlines said that she refused to leave despite alleged life-threatening dog allergy.

After the incident, Daulatzai received hate mails, racist messages and threats. An attempt was also made to break in into her home, her lawyer alleged.