World has changed, change yourself or else slavery will be destined

World has changed, change yourself or else slavery will be destined

Zafar Agha

11th November is celebrated in India as the National Education Day. This is wonderful because Maulana Azad was the first education minister of independent India. No day is better for celebrating as ‘education day’ than his birth anniversary.

Only two personalities passed in the history of Indian Muslims who had modern vision. The first one was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan while the other one was Maulana Azad. Sir Syed was the first Muslim of Indian sub-continent who foresighted that Muslims’ future is dependent on linking themselves with modern education in this industrial era.

On the other hand Maulana Abul Kalam Azad presented the solution for political problems of Muslims in independent India while stressing on education. History has evidence that Maulana Azad had strictly opposed partition. As he believed that partition would bring destruction to Indian Muslims and it happened. After partition neither Indian Muslims nor Pakistani Muslims lived in peace. Now the situation has arrived that India is on the verge of becoming a Hindu nation and Indian Muslims are at their worst educationally.

The best tribute that could be paid to Maulana Azad on his birth anniversary is that a movement must be launched to link Muslims with education.

Today we are living in an era of revolution. As described by thinkers today mankind is facing fourth industrial revolution. Today we are living in ‘E-World’ i.e. electronic world. Artificial intelligence and robotics have been invented. Today computer is doing all kind of works through ‘e-knowledge’. All this is nothing but ‘E-Revolution’.

Now the fact is that all this can be done by the one who has e-knowledge. If one is not capable of doing it, be he a graduate or post graduate he would not survive in the competition.

Anyone who doesn’t associate himself with ‘e-revolution’ will become an ‘untouchable’. Because one who doesn’t have ‘e-education’ will remain ‘untouchable’ in the job market.

Moreover Artificial intelligence and Robotics are two modern inventions which will bring revolution in work and employment sectors. For example, now such cars will soon be a reality which will run without drivers. In fact such vehicles are running in America. Besides the labour work will be done by robots instead of humans. What does this mean? Today the person who is a driver by occupation will become jobless in future. The labour who is working in construction area, his wages will be eaten away by robot. In India Muslims are mostly associated with labour work. Obviously unemployment among Muslims will increase with the industrial revolution.

Middle East i.e Arab world is witnessing a huge political and economic transformation. Oil prices have been reduced which affected oil wealth. Consequently all Arab countries including Saudi Arabia are removing the expatriates and giving work to their own citizens.

Thus a new educational awareness and movement is the need of the hour. The movement should have 3 major components. Firstly the new generation should be equipped with ‘e-education’ so that they could succeed in the new ‘e-world’. Secondly expertise is needed for new skills such as artificial intelligence and robotics. Thirdly job seekers should head towards western world instead of Arab World for that English education is compulsory.

The modern era needed a new educational awareness to keep oneself abreast with the development. But if Indian Muslims dismiss thinkers and leaders like Sir Syed and Maulana Azad and remain in slumber then bonds of slavery will be their destiny.

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