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‘Not under our Jurisdiction’: 4 hours delay in filing complaint

‘Not under our Jurisdiction’: 4 hours delay in filing complaint

New Delhi: The brutal gang-rape, murder of 27-year-old veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy in Hyderabad has not only sent the city residents in shock but also the nation with the brutality of the case.

According to deceased family members, the Veterinary doctor called her sister at 9.22 pm and gave her location details along with the features of the accused and also requested her sister to remain on call as she was ‘scared’, DC reports.

Sensing danger, the sister asked the victim to remain at the toll and called back again at 9.44 pm but found the victim’s phone was switched off.

She immediately rushed to her sister’s aid along with her colleagues within half an hour at the given location but could not find her.

When the sister was unable to locate the victim, she approached the RGIA police station which was approximately at a ten-minute distance from the crime scene.

RGIA Police station officials refused to register complaint: Victim’s sister

The victim’s sister was reportedly turn down by the RGIA police station officials who refused to file the complaint stating that the toll plaza does not fall under their jurisdiction and that they could not help her and asked her to approach the Shamshabad police station.

The victim’s sister sensing danger to her sister’s life rushed to Shamashabad Rural police station where the arguments about the jurisdiction continued as reported by Firstpost.

The Cyberabad cops recent press release states the ‘missing person complaint’ was received at 3.10 am at Shamshabad Police station.

This information reveals there was a four and a half-hour delay in registering the complaint by both the police stations after the victim’s sister first approached the RGIA police station.

Law mandates police stations to register the complaint immediately in such urgencies even if it doesn’t fall under its jurisdiction, and later forward it to the concerned police station, the Firspost mentioned.

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