‘Our own community hospital, this dream will come true one day’

Riyadh: Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin is a Hyderabadi Anesthesiologist working in a reputed hospital in Riyadh. In yesterday’s video, he had shared about his dreadful encounter with Covid-19. In today’s video he wants to give a piece of advice to his fellow Hyderabadis on how to prepare themselves for the future challenge.

Are we ready for the future?

Dr. Ahmed says that he wants to draw our attention on a different issue since everybody knows about the current situation in Hyderabad. There is rush in hospitals, beds are not available in ICUs and the doors of the existing hospitals are closed for most of us. Whether they open or not is another matter. But in the current situation, medical facility is not available to a normal person belonging to our community. The situation is very bad; nobody knows the exact situation. Our community was not ready and a new challenge has come up. Now to tackle this new problem, we have to move forward with a new thinking. Everyone must know that diseases like Covd-19 have existed in the past, are still existing today and will exist in the future too. Dr Ahmed questions; are we ready for the future? As a community, what is our preparation? He says he is not sure whether a Hyderabadi family will have sufficient funds for the treatment, if a person gets infected by Covid-19. We have to prepare ourselves to get ready the necessary medical infrastructure.

Dr Ahmed says, first of all, we have to understand that we need free medical facilities which should be available to everyone in our community. If someone in the community falls sick, he should not start thinking where he has to go for treatment. It should be decided in advance that he will go to a particular community hospital where he would get free treatment. This is something that only we can do.

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‘The helping hand you are searching for, is at the end of you own forearm. Help will not come from outside, you have to do your own help’, says Dr Ahemd.

Generate own funds for hospital

He further adds that we must generate our own funds for a hospital of 1000-2000 beds. We must begin the preparation from now itself—otherwise, we might have to repent in the future. “Help will not come from other sources — if you want to scream for help; it is your wish, you can scream. Help may or may not come; most probably it may not come.” He says.

Hyderabad is in its worst condition; the attitude of the management of city hospitals is not good pertaining to financial matters. There are exorbitant billings, one has to spend one lakh rupees per day. Why should one have to spend one lakh rupees per day? He asks.
Dr Ahmed says, this is why the idea of having a separate hospital for our community and also a separate insurance policy has come to his mind. If we want to live in a situation with new challenges such as these, then we have to live with a new thinking.

Need to change style of thinking

Dr. Ahmed questions whether the outdated thinking has brought any change in our lives or can it bring any change? He says, we have to change the style of our thinking, we should make new plans and think in advance for the future. He says, the possible hurdles that we may face, can be our own unwillingness, lack of guidance, lack of cohesion or difference of opinion. As long as we are caught in these things, we will always be the victim circumstances.

Therefore, the Dr Ahemed says wisdom lies in our wakefulness; thinkers should come forward and consider forming a community walk-in hospital which can run for another 100 years with facilities for treating all the diseases.

Dr Ahmed says, if nobody comes forward, he himself is there to initiate this project with the blessings and prayers of Hyderabadis. He further adds, there is no scarcity of wise people in Hyderabad. Perhaps, nobody tried to bring them on one platform and may not convince them that this type of service is possible and is important for our community.

Noble act

He further says, during the present circumstances, you can foot the bills of unprivileged Covid-19 patients with the amount that you have saved for sacrificing animals for this Eid or with the amount of your optional Hajj and Umrah that has been cancelled this year–if that money has been returned to you. Dr Ahmed says, Allah will definitely reward you enormously for this noble act. It is good to have a nice thinking, to do good acts and to solve the new challenges with a new idea. Old thinking and ideas will work no more.

Dr Ahmed further adds, he got infected with Covid-19 and was hospitalized in Riyadh’s best hospital where he was working. He got five-star treatment free of cost and recuperated from the disease as he was fortunate. He questions, how many such doctors are lucky enough to have treatment like this. Even if a Hyderabadi doctor falls sick in Hyderabad then his life would be in danger as such facilities may not be available to him. That is why he insists to have our own free walk-in hospital for our community. He urges Hyderabadis to have a firm determination, perseverance and will power to start this project, the first thing, he says is to give it a try.

Dr Ahmed is positive of having our own free walk-in community hospital and says, ‘In Sha Allah this dream will come true one day.’

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