Peace party: uphold the idea of India

New Delhi: The recent full-page advertisement published in a section of the press by the Peace Party is a series of attacks on the idea of India.

The advertisement proclaims that the party is ready to ‘sacrifice everything to support the mission of establishing the dictate of God (Ahkaam-e-Ilahi) and administration of Mustafa (Nizam-e-Mustafa). It also states that ‘for the past 100 years, the mission of Hegdewar, Savarkar, Nehru, Lohia and Ambedkar has been converted into a religion by the Sarkari Ulema’ which is opposed to ‘fundamental principles of Ahkam-e-Ilahi and Nizam-e-Mustafa’.

“Let us not forget that ‘Nizam-e-Mustafa’ is a phrase coined and popularized by the most fundamentalist and fascistic section under the most uncivilized regime of the most hated dictator of Pakistan, General Zia,” said the organization.

MS Education Academy

They have strongly condemned the statement published as an advertisement and said “It is not only a direct attack on the constitution of India but derogatory and divisive in many ways. It deliberately and conspiratorially puts the names of the most respected secular stalwarts of the freedom movement like Nehru, Lohia and Baba Sahib Ambedkar in the same category as those who propagated fascist ideology.

Talking of Nizam-e-Mustafa they said India is a secular nation, which has thousands of communities – religious, ethnic, linguistic, is deliberately and maliciously adding fuel to the hate campaigns.

“Let us not forget that majority of the Muslims did not support Jinnah and his Muslim League. They couldn’t stop the partition but they never supported the two-nation theory propounded by Muslim League and RSS,” they added.

They disclaimed that the advertisement has been issued when communal forces in the country are trying to vitiate the atmosphere in the name of religion.

“The advertisement is part of the conspiracy to tear apart the social and cultural fabric of India by dividing peace-loving, anti-violence, toiling masses of the country. The language and message of the advertisement amply show that all fundamentalists, be it Peace Party or many frontal organizations of RSS, use religion to propagate their fascistic ideologies,” they added.

They appealed to the Muslim community and all secular Indians irrespective of their religion to unequivocally condemn the statement of such Muslim leaders and their nefarious designs.

This have been further been signed by 200 people from all over the country

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