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Photo of Muslim, Jew paramedics praying together moves internet

Israel confirmed 3,035 cases tested positive

Photo of Muslim, Jew paramedics praying together moves internet
Two Israeli emergency workers — one Jewish, one Muslim — taking a prayer break during the coronavirus pandemic. Photo via Daniel Carmon / Twitter.

JERUSALEM: People across the globe are moved by the heartening photo of a Muslim and Jewish emergency responders praying together in Israel amid Coronavirus pandemic.

According to reports, the remarkable sight of two emergency workers that was captured on Wednesday showed Avraham Mint, a religious Jew stands facing Jerusalem while Zoher Abu Jama, a Muslim kneels on a prayer rug facing Makkah.

The image of the duo praying together in their respective traditions was shared by Nir Dvori, a journalist with Israel’s Channel 2 broadcaster.

“It’s possible,” Dvori commented in Hebrew above the image.

Mintz, who is a 42–year–old father of nine and lives in the city of Be’er Sheva in central Israel, told CNN:

“The fact that it is so simple makes it so powerful. I believe that Zoher and I and most of the world understand that we have to raise our heads and pray. That’s all that’s left.”

Rare example

The photograph caught the attention on social media, several of whom viewed called it is a rare example that despite cultural differences, they stand together in the fight against COVID-19.

Here are some tweets:


As the highly contagious coronavirus spreads across the world, Israel confirmed 3,035 cases tested positive, 79 recoveries. The death toll rises to 12 and 49 are in serious condition.

In Gaza, nine cases were diagnosed and in the West Bank, 82 cases have been diagnosed so far.

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