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Police respond swiftly to disabled woman’s call for help

Police respond swiftly to disabled woman’s call for help

Mumbai: Amid the nationwide lockdown, a 25-year-old physically challenged woman living along here got a first hand experience of the humane side of Mumbai Police after she reached out to them for help.

Virali Modi, the resident of suburban Malad, tweeted to Mumbai Police on Tuesday about her helplessness without her maid, which made things increasingly difficult for her as the maid not only cooked food but also provide her physiological care.

Due to restrictions imposed in view of the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus, the maid was unable to go to the woman’s home to work.

The police took immediate note of the woman’s tweet and reached out to her and assured to allow her maid to work at her place.

“I am disabled and I live alone. I need my maid who cooks and does other physiological care for me. Due to the virus, she won’t be able to come. What do we do about these situations?” the woman said in tweet to the Mumbai police.

The tweet was brought to the notice of state Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, who immediately asked his team to alert the local police station about the woman’s plight.

The Mumbai Police also responded to the woman’s post on its Twitter handle and sought her contact details.

Police inspector George Fernandes and his team then rushed to the woman’s home to take her welfare.

Fernandes took details of her maid and driver, and assured that both of them would be given curfew passes so that they can travel to work and back home.

Deshmukh lauded Fernandes and his team for their prompt response to the woman’s request.

“While we are in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis, we cannot forget the human side to the problem.

Thestate government will help anyone who reaches out to us,” the Home minister said in a statement.

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