Quran Exhibition: Prophet’s life best example of Quranic teachings

Hyderabad: The valedictory function of three day international Quran Exhibition and Seminar was held at Salarjung Museum on a grand scale on Monday.

Dy. Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran, Mr. Abdul Hadi Faiqzada presided over the function. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily was the Chief Guest. Agha Mehdi Mehdipur also addressed the gathering. HE Mohammed Haq Bainqumi, Ambassador of Iran at Hyderabad also attended the meeting.

In his presidential remarks, Mr. Abdul Hadi told that Allah (SWT) has addressed His messenger, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on several occasions in the Quran. The life of Prophet (PBUH) is the best example of Quranic teachings. He further told that Iran played an important role in popularizing the message of the Quran, the objective of which is to eradicate misunderstanding about the Quran. There is no scope for any changes or amendments in the Quran till the Dooms Day. Peace will prevail if the message of the Quran is popularized. The purpose of organizing Quranic Exhibition is to provide an opportunity to the people to have an access to the attributes of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

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Addressing the gathering, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that in the entire world, Hyderabad is the only place where maximum number of lovers of the Quran exist. He further said that the Quran is the only book which is read round the clock in the entire world. There is no other book which is parallel to the Quran.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan also told that organizing Quranic exhibition and seminar at Salarjung Museum of Hyderabad is a welcome gesture. The selection of Hyderabad by Govt. of Iran for this purpose is not an ordinary thing. It is a matter of prestige for Hyderabad. He suggested that from the next year, Qaris of the Quran from Iran should also visit Hyderabad as is being done in the case of Qaris of Egypt.

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Commenting on prevailing tension between US and Iran, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that America is threatening to attack Iran. It is very regrettable that a large portion of the Earth and the Sky is under the possession of the rich and the Muslims but due to lack of unity, such threats are being given. It is the need of the hour that all the Muslims of the world should get united to give a befitting reply to the evil forces of the West.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan also suggested that the rare Quranic Exhibits which were displayed at Salarjung Museum by Iran should be kept in Hyderabad to be viewed throughout the year. He thanked Govt. of Iran for inviting him to the valedictory function of Quranic Exhibition and Seminar.

Mr. Agha Mehdi Mehdipur also addressed the gathering and said that the contribution of Hyderabadis in organizing Quranic Exhibition and Seminar is laudable.

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