Rare video shows Brosnan paying tribute to Connery

Los Angeles, Nov 1 : An old video of Pierce Brosnan paying tribute to Sean Connery, at a 2007 gala hosted to commemorate the latter, is once again doing the rounds of social media.

Connery, who died on October 31, was the original James Bond and made the role memorable over seven films. Brosnan played Bond in the nineties, in four successful films. The video has Brosnan speaking at an American Film Institute (AFI) event, “AFI Life Achievement Award: A Salute To Sean Connery”.

At the star-studded function, Connery sits in the audience as Brosnan talks about the impact the late actor’s 1964 Bond blockbuster “Goldfinger” had on him when he saw the film as an 11-year old.

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Brosnan, making a dapper all-black sartorial statement, walks onto the stage and says: “I was 11 years old, and I just left the wild countryside of Ireland and moved to London. The very first week I was there my parent took me to the pictures, as we called them then. This was not unusual in itself, we went to the movies a great deal in Ireland but that day was different because the movie was ‘Goldfinger’.”

“Now, I had grown up watching black and white movies but this picture was in Technicolor. And that image of that half-naked woman painted in gold was etched deeply in my Catholic psyche. But, most importantly, that was the first time I had seen Sean Connery. Yes, his character was suave and sophisticated, dangerous and sexy. But I also knew that the actor was a Scotsman, and the message that sends to a proud young Celtic kid was immeasurable,” he continues, as the camera captures Connery looking on proudly.

“Time marched on, and years later I was filming ‘The World Is Not Enough’. One day I had to shoot this massive stunt, a big fireball sequence. The shot required me to hang on to these wires, as this ferocious fireball came hurtling down behind me and, of course, do it all like James Bond would do it. Anyway, I did it and we got the take and I was dismissed for the day,” Brosnan recalls.

“But out in the parking lot as I was putting my gear into the back of the car I looked up and there was the big man — Sean Connery, standing there right in front of me, and he said, ‘I have just seen what you did there, very good’. I was silent. And then he asked me a question, one that has stayed with me to this very day. He said, ‘are they paying you enough money?'” says Brosnan, as laughter echoes all around the auditorium.

“Well, I am not sure if I answered, and it didn’t really matter because the great man had seen me do my bit of Bond, and he was gone,” he remembers.

Brosnan then talks of the influence Connery has had on him.

“Sean, I have walked in your cinematic footsteps and danced in the shadow you have cast on film history. As an actor I carry you both in my head and in my heart. You are a man who has marched to his own drum, who has created his own legend far greater than Bond, and who has done mighty work that will be cherished forever, and in many ways I am still that 11 year old, awash in the image of you and ‘Goldfinger’, and all the dreams that the movies give us. Mine have come true, in large part thanks to you, and I am deeply honoured to be here tonight. Congratulations, Sir Sean Connery,” Brosnan ends his speech amidst thunderous ovation.

Connery died at the age of 90 in Nassau, Capital of The Bahamas.

After his death, Brosnan had written on Instagram: “Sir Sean Connery, you were my greatest James Bond as a boy, and as a man who became James Bond himself. You cast a long shadow of cinematic splendor that will live on forever. You led the way for us all who followed in your iconic footsteps. Each man in his turn looked to you with reverence and admiration as we forged ahead with our own interpretations of the role. You were mighty in every way, as an actor and as a man, and will remain so till the end of time. You were loved by the world, and will be missed. God bless, rest now, be at peace.”

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