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Reply within 7 sec’s: Bengaluru Police Chief assures citizens

Reply within 7 sec’s: Bengaluru Police Chief assures citizens

New Delhi: The shocking incident of 26-year-old Veterinarian gang -rape and murder, protests and outrage against the crime as spilled over to the streets, Bengaluru Police chief has assured residents of their safety.

“After the Telangana rape and murder case, we assure all Bengalureans and anyone who visits the city that they will be very much safeguarded,” said Bengaluru’s police commissioner Bhaskar Rao today, HT reports.

“We give 100% assurance about your safety. Any call will be replied to within seven seconds. We also send SMSs,” Rao said.

The gruesome case has shocked the nation after it was reported from Telangana state’s Metro city Hyderabad.

The four accused arrested on Friday for the rape and killing of the veterinarian had punctured her two-wheeler after she parked it and took a taxi to Hyderabad.

The accused Mohammad Areef, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen and Chintakunta Chennakesavulu truck drivers and cleaners offered to help her after puncturing her scooty’s tire only to attack her.

Taking action in the case against Police negligence three policemen have been suspended for dereliction of duty after the victim’s family reported the cops delayed registering the first information report after their daughter went missing.

They have alleged that the police “wasted precious time” which could have been used to save her.

Meanwhile the state CM KCR on Sunday said the rape and murder case will be heard in a fast-track court as protested mounted over the weekend.

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