Sister Andlib: Depression in Islam and its solution

New Delhi: Islamic speaker sister Andlib gave a very motivational and inspirational talk as a reaction to the film actor, Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. She starts her talk by the following verse from The Holy Qur’an: Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’oon
Which means “Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.” [Surah Al-Baqarah: 156].

Sister Andlib says, whether we are Muslims or non-Muslims, whether non-Muslims believe or not in the above verse — one day we all have to go back to Allah. I would like to remind you one thing that this world is an exam hall and we have been sent here for test. This world has been designed to test us. Allah mentions in the Quran that ‘. . . We have created life and death to test you’. [Surah Al-Mulk:2]

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Suicide is not a solution

Therefore, it is natural for calamities and apprehensions to strike us. We have to face these challenges. Suicide is not a solution. Death will definitely come to us. Then why not die reciting the kalimah (declaration of faith in Allah). Why to choose an option that is forbidden (haram). Suicide is forbidden in Islam. If somebody commits suicide, that means they have permanently spoiled their life after death (aakhira). Suicide has become a serious issue these days.

Now, let us talk about those who commit suicide. Very often, we come to know about the suicide incidents by poor people and farmers. This is because they are under pressure of social and financial problems and they are burdened with many problems. We can understand the reason behind the suicide of these people. Why people who are having all the necessities and facilities of life are committing suicide? If you are interested, you can check at and look at the big list of celebrity names. They say that music is the soul of life. Then why do musicians commit suicide? Their souls should have been satisfied by music. In spite of this, there is a big list of musicians available who committed suicide. Where is the happiness and peace? These celebrities lead such a life that common people like you and me cannot afford. For example, they own bungalows, cars, their fans go crazy for taking their autographs. That means they are famous and are successful in their lives. Even after acquiring wealth and popularity, if a person commits suicide then the question will arise ‘Why’?

Honestly speaking, we have to understand why a person commits suicide. No person will commit suicide without any reason. They won’t say, today is a blessed day let us commit suicide. No, it is not like that. Suicides are planned in advance, because those people may have been passing through unfavorable circumstances since a long time and one day the level of depression reaches to such a height that they finally decide to commit suicide. That means there is something, somewhere in their mind, that triggers or pushes them to commit suicide. At this stage, it is clear that there is a difference between beautiful things and in a beautiful life. People think that if they possess a grand bungalow, car, wealth and fortune, their life will become beautiful. When they achieve all those things, they become happy temporarily, but after some time, they again start looking for peace. Why are they committing suicide when they possess all those things they ever wished for? So, what is the solution of depression?

Repair soul

Allah has not created only our body. He has created our soul too. All the requirements of the body are fulfilled by some material things like money, food, home, popularity, etc. But, how the requirement of a soul is fulfilled? The soul is neither related to the world nor to the materialistic things. We cannot satisfy our soul with money, food, home or popularity. Where does the peace come from? In the holy Qur’an, Allah says ‘The heart [soul] gets peace through remembrance of Allah.’ [Surah Ar-Ra’d: 28]. A person can be depressed due to any reason, such as; his past, future, career, or due to his love affair. To get rid from that depression, instead of repairing his soul, he damages it by searching peace in entertainment, alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. When he cannot find peace in these things, he then starts searching peace through other evil means, due to which his soul gets damaged continuously. This reaches to that point of depression where he does not have any other option except ‘suicide’.

Therefore, Allah the Almighty in The Holy Qur’an says that peace is only attained in the remembrance [zikr] of Allah. If you have everything in life, but you don’t have Allah, you have nothing. If a person is away from his Creator, he will be engulfed in anxieties. A person may have all facilities and expensive things in his life, unless he connects himself with Allah, he cannot attain peace and happiness.

You will not find any prophet who had committed suicide due to anxieties. Most of the anxieties were befallen on the prophets. Whenever they had anxieties or calamities they first invoked to Allah. They never became hopeless. Because, hopelessness is disbelieving in Allah (kufr).

Today, in circumstances of anxieties and calamities, leaving our prayers is the first thing we do; Allah never goes away from us, instead we drift away from Him. Therefore, we must try to search and find Allah, only then we can feel that our life is fulfilled with peace and joy. Allah is not the Creator of only Muslims; He is the Creator of all people in this world. Whoever you are, unless your relation with Allah is strong, you cannot find peace.

Difficulties are part of life

Sister Andlib advices not to be disappointed at any circumstances in life. She says difficulties are a part of life; Life is not a paradise. The world is temporary, whether there are joys or sorrows, everything is transitory in this world. The deeds performed in this life will be rewarded after death, which is permanent. So, by committing suicide do not spoil your permanent life. There is a saying (hadith) of our prophet (mpbuh) that a person who commits suicide, will be in hellfire permanently.

Sister Andlib says, she wants to point out those people, who force others to commit suicide. That means, by torturing them, insulting them, mocking them, bullying, deceiving, cheating or rejecting them, they are forcing them to die a forbidden (haram) death.

Sister Andlib further adds, the one who compels others to commit suicide will not be enjoying or resting in the highest heaven (Jannat ul Firdous). They should understand that they are accountable to Allah for their cruelties and injustices.

Help persons who are depressed

She says, the harsh words we speak leave a permanent damaging mark on others’ inner self. Instead, become a source of mercy for them. Do not create problems for them, make their life easier, become a ray of hope for them, do not degrade them, do not make their life a hell. Even though they may be carrying a smile on their face, that person may be broken on the inside. If someone is in a difficulty and you are in a position to help, in spite of that you did not help them — you can never be called as a kind person even though, you may be a big personality, a scholar, an orator of ahadith. Because you left that person alone in a helpless situation.

Sister Andlib further adds, someday, it may happen that one of your acquaintance comes to you and says he is completely broken in life and he wants to die. Never leave that person alone, befriend them and help them. Try to save someone’s life. Allah says in The Holy Qur’an; ‘ . . . and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.’ [Surah Al-Ma’idah 32] She asks us to give respect and joy to people because what goes around comes around. Whether it is love or joy, sorrow or fraud — it will definitely come back to you.

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