Six benefits of reciting Quran

1:It calms the hearth

Allah(SWT) says “verily with the remembrance of Allah, do heart find peace” Quran (13:28)

2: 10 rewards for each letter recited

The prophet(SAW) said alif-ا laam- ل‎  and meem-م is not one letter, rather Alif is one letter, laam is one letter, and meem is one letter. So for reciting alif-ا laam-ل‎  meem-م alone, you will have 30 rewards! imagine reciting an entire chapter! hoe many rewards will that be?

3: It brings one closer to Allah

The Qur’an is the words of Allah, it’s the message of Allah. So if you want to get close to Allah, recite his words, read his message to you.

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4: The more you know Qur’an, the higher the rank

The prophet(SAW) said to someone that is devoted to the Qur’an. read and recite the way you use to recite in Dunya. your rank will be at the last verse you recite. So the more you recite, the higher rank you will get.

5: The Qur’an will be an intercessor to its companions

The prophet(SAW) said read the Qur’an, for indeed the Qur’an will come on judgement day and be an intercessor to its companions. So who are the companions of the Qur’an? Those that are devoted to the Qur’an. Those that always recite Qur’an day in day out.

6: Expert or not. There’s a special reward for you

Prophet(SAW) said an expert with Qur’an will be with a noble righteous scribe (the angels). And he who struggle while reciting finding it difficult has double rewards. either way, you are gainer!

But it is so sad that a lot of Muslims don’t have time to recite Qur’an. We always listen to music and watch movies,tv-series, reality shows, games but we don’t have time for Qur’an. Let’s change and recite the Quran.

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