SURVEY: 44% of Windows 7 users risk having their money stolen

If you’re using Windows 7 for online shopping or online banking, your risk is more than having your data stolen by hackers. Attackers can go as far as stealing your money simply because Windows 7 is no longer a safe OS for doing any activities that involve money and online payments.

If you continue to use Windows 7, you should know that you’re exposing yourself to a lot of risks. Banking and online shopping on windows 7 are no longer safe.

Windows 7 users doing online shopping and banking are sitting ducks for hackers

Because it will no longer receive any support, hackers will now have free reign over those that still use the now-dated OS.

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Getting access to personal information will be increasingly easier for them. That is why it is recommended that you refrain from performing any type of online shopping and banking transactions.

Windows Report recently surveyed the website whereby 2684 persons agreed to answer our Windows -related questions. Interestingly enough, 24% of users still use Windows 7 for online shopping, while 20% use it for banking.

That means 44% of users risk having their information and money stolen from them, as you can see from the screenshot below.

image: windowsreport

Hackers can end up stealing your data, and that can lead to a whole world of problems. Even the British government has warned its people to stop using Windows 7 because of the increased security risks.

Microsoft is slowly but surely encouraging the population to grate to the next better OS, either by advertising the benefits of Windows 10 or by slowly ceasing support for all Windows 7 apps.

Get ready for EOS security mayhem

The first Patch Tuesday release of 2020 is the last Patch Tuesday rollout for Windows 7. Microsoft ended mainstream support for the OS and will no longer push security updates to Windows 7 computers, leaving users an easy target for hackers.

As such, users are left with one of 3 choices:

  • Stay unprotected with Windows 7
  • Get the Windows 7 Extended Support, but pay a lot for it.
  • Upgrade to Windows 10

If you still use Windows 7, what will you do now that support for it has ended? Tell us what course of action you will take in the comment section below.

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