Syrian father teaches tiny daughter to laugh at bomb explosions

Syria which is in the midst of a war for the last nine years has sprung a new dimension to how the people living in constant catastrophe would learn to deal with it. The question is not that of grown-ups alone.  The grown-ups in turn have forced to make their little ones tackle critical situations.

Here is an example: Abdullah Al- Mohammed, a Syrian, has uploaded a video to his twitter account recently. The video had his daughter, three-year-old Salwa, in it. They are seen playing a game which is prompting her to laugh. Salwa is watching bombings and explosions amidst the ceaseless war that is raging in Syria.

But the purpose behind her father showing the game clip is to handle the crisis lightheartedly.

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In the video, the father cheerfully asks her daughter if she hears a bomb or an aero plane exterior as the droning sound grows in the background. “A bomb,” the three-year-old replies. “We are going to laugh when it drops,” the kid’s father tells her. 

Beautiful Salwa laughed immediately after hearing the sound. Her innocent laughter has had everyone’s heart go heavy.

Twitterati expressed their sorrow tweeting how heartbreaking it was and “What a sad world it is to live in.”

Some others tweeted how utterly devastating it was for the people of Syria to live with their innocent children in such situations and asked people to pray for the well-being of the households.

The father added that he wanted to turn the sound of the bombs into a ‘source of happiness’ for her little one.

Mohammed, speaking with Al-Jazeera, said when her daughter was 12 months old, she got scared of hearing the sound of the fire crackers.

“I try not to show her what is happening is bad but rather show it as something funny,” he explains.

Mohammed has taken the matter in his own hands to protect his daughter from the terrifying sounds.

The video was retweeted on Al- Mohammed’s Twitter account a lot many times and received thousands of likes.

The long civil war in Syria has killed and displaced lakhs of individuals and households. 

Just like Salwa, there are millions of innocent children who have to live through such horrifying situations with no proper aid provided. The war has been robbing away lives of these children and adults.

Intern Anhaar Majid

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