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‘TikTok Ki Madhubala’ becomes internet sensation

‘TikTok Ki Madhubala’ becomes internet sensation

New Delhi: ‘TikTok Ki Madhubala’ is the new name given to Priyanka Kandwal, a user of the video app. She became an internet sensation overnight.

According to the report published in NDTV, she became famous after her videos went viral. In the videos, she can be seen lip-syncing old songs.

She sang songs like Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Ka from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Achha Ji Main Haari from Kala Pani and Dekhne Mein Bhola Hai from Bambai Ka Babu.

In the video, she styled herself like the late actress.

After her video went viral, many netizens started comparing her with the actress. One of them commented, “You resemble Madhubala a lot… Your gestures, smile and looks… Amazing”. Another user wrote, “Man this girl looks like Madhubala at first glance”.


Madhubala was an actress who appeared in many Hindi movies. She was also known as The Beauty With Tragedy and The Venus Queen of Indian Cinema.

She acted in various movies including Mahal (1949), Tarana (1951), Mr. & Mrs. ’55 (1955) Kala Pani (1958), Howrah Bridge (1958), Phagun (1958), Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958), Barsaat Ki Raat (1960), Mughal-e-Azam (1960).

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