Total social makeover is the only way to heal: Dr. Bajpai

By Kulsum Mustafa

Inspirational Indian: A psychiatric for over two decades, Kanpur based Dr.  Alok Bajpai, while predicting a new world that will require total social transformation by the human world.  His voice has a prophetic tenor and his facial expression etched with grave concern. Hero of this story, the doctor advises healing is only possible if we volunteer to undertake a complete mental adjustment to this totally new world.

After conquering the illness of the body what the world will be requiring most urgently will be a gigantic number of mental health healers. Covid-19 has turned the world turvy topsy. It is now no longer about a  region, religion or class.  This pandemic has gobbled borders, shown no respect for  celebrities or royalty, wearing a global colour. According to Dr.Bajpai,  new social equations will set in. Survival will only be possible if the human species acquire a total transformation of both the mind and lifestyle. Mankind will have to accept social suffering as part of the global …..

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“Nothing is regional any longer, humanity is in deep crisis. The virus has had a huge psychological impact all around,” said Dr. Bajpai adding that COVID-19 has brought humanity together and closer.

“The virus has taught us that we have to look beyond ourselves, we have to as humans reach out to help others. Among the many important lesson that it has taught us is that Mankind cannot live or progress in isolation. A healthy togetherness is important,” said Dr Bajpai who had two professional stints in Australia but always felt the urge to come back to his country and work here.

Accepting that while there are around 15 per cent who suffer serious mental disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder etc but the majority around 85 per cent are those who are really not ill, they just require to learn how to handle the stress of life. They need to rethink and readjust keeping in mind that the world is a big family and that they are just one unit of this family.

Enhance critical thinking ability

“This is an important time when we must work on enhancing our critical thinking ability. This is the tool for survival. Like for the body you have to develop the immune system for the mind you have to work on this,”  said Dr. Bajpai to whom goes the credit of setting up the first children and adolescent mental clinic in the state in 2008. A strong practitioner of promoting the technique of empowering your mind to adjust to situations Dr. Bajpai and his team have for the past 15 years been trying to promote this concept through workshops and seminars at schools and colleges. The plan conceptualized is called An hour with the Mahatama.

Based on intensive research on Mahatama Gandhi who Dr. Bajpai says is the truest example of a recent human who can be called the ‘Master of transformation theory.’  His entire life, explains Dr. Bajpai shows how 24x 7 he trained his mind,  experimented with everything he came across and then picked up and practiced what was needed and suited the situation most.

“You can choose your own role model like Prophet, Buddha or Dr. Ambedkar and follow them. You will see that they triumphed over the situations because they adopted a highly developed critical thinking technique,” said Dr. Bajpai.

Patience only way

He said that from this crisis we must learn that patience is the biggest virtue and one which will take us a long way and out of every crisis. He talked of the Application of ‘self-realization’ that has been developed by his team.

Asking all parents to concentrate on the well being of their children and youth. He said we must help them to develop and nurture their coping strength. In that lies their survival.

Dr Bajpai said that youngsters  must realize that they have to break the happiness cycle, they have to be patient and they have to suffer and that the good of society is the good of  individuals.

How to handle stress

According to Dr Bajpai it is in our hands to handle stress.

*Tap and channelize your individual abilities.

* Learn to live in the moment, plan one day at a time.

* Live in the present and make it meaningful.

* Psychological transformation is the need of the hour.
* Find meaningful engagement.


Dr. Bajpai is available from 10 am to 12 noon every day on the phone (‎+91 98390 27207) for free consultations. 

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