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Trouble mounts for section of NRIs ahead of NRC

Discrepancies in Passports pose serious disaster

Trouble mounts for section of NRIs ahead of NRC

By Irfan Mohammed

Jeddah: A section of NRIs in gulf and USA could see a larger crisis looming on the horizon ahead of proposed NRC and NPR as discrepancies exist in their Indian Passports that have valid visas. Many such people have been approaching Indian missions in the region for correction in their particulars.

A considerable number of Indians, mainly from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, working in Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries and also in USA having discrepancies in personal particulars in their passports that may prove to be a major hurdle in establishing a legacy and family tree details in upcoming NRC and NPR.

Fraudulent practice

Most of these Indians came abroad after several unsuccessful attempts. There was no biometric system in India at that time. In fact, since these people barred to enter the prospective host country, they had opted for fraudulent practice with the collision of middlemen to obtain passport in deceive manner with wrong information and finally venturing into the land of dream.

This category of NRIs in the Gulf are the victims of adverse circumstances and debt-ridden. They had escaped from the clutches of their Arab employers or firms and returned India only to come back again in a better workplace. Since they were barred to enter again for a certain duration, they had obtained fresh passports with false information such name, parents’ name and date of birth even address.

“I was deep in debt to make my journey to Saudi, when I landed I was denied food and salary, in compulsion I ran away and worked elsewhere and arranged other visa and returned to India, changed the name and came back 25 years ago”, said one of such expatriate, who hails from Hyderabad.

Also, many of the youth witnessing poor finances of their families changed their date of birth to show older enable to employment visa to be endorsed so they can support their families.


For USA, most of the applicants were rejected in visa interview at US mission in then Madras and finally they made again as fresh applicants after some tips from the agents with passports obtained in deceive manner. Also, scores of Gujaratis top in cheating to make their journey to America.

After September 2001 twin tower attacks, Saudi Arabia and other nations in gulf and also USA other countries adopted biometric, Iris system and fraudulent practice ceased.

However, balance hangs with uncertainty and apprehension amidst of NRC for those NRIs who made their journey and living for longer years whether in Gulf or USA, most of these NRIs were poor and unskilled when they ventured into these countries.

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