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TS: Police arrest gangster Nayeem’s sister, her associates

TS: Police arrest gangster Nayeem’s sister, her associates

Hyderabad: The Bhongir town police which fall under the Rachakonda Commissionerate arrested  Saleema Begum, sister of gangster Nayeem and her other associates on Wednesday. They were reportedly involved in illegally grabbing agriculture land and a store in Bhongir.

Saleema Begum, aged 53 years, is a resident of Kunthloor village in RR District of Telangana.

Police Inspector M. Surendra said that Saleema Begum and her gang members had occupied some lands by threatening the owners.

Velishala Shankara Chari purchased 5 acre land in 2006 from Kurapati Abhinanadan. A year later Kurapati conspired to grab the land. Saleema Begum who had got the land registered in her name later sold it to London Township.   

A case was registered with Bhongir town police later where she already had 14 cases against her. The police then moved to arrest Begum and other gang members.

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