Turkish garbage collectors build library with abandoned book

Mayukh Saha

In a truly inspiring turn of events, the Turkish garbage collectors have given a home to discarded books. We have all heard that books are timeless. These workers truly brought the saying into action. Thanks to these people, the old books have now found a new home.

The library is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Usually, all the garbage immediately goes to the landfill. However, some valuable objects sometimes make their way into the dustbin, like these books. Fortunately, these Turkish garbage collectors saw the true value of these books. And it’s safe to say that many people think the same thing. The popularity of this library speaks for itself. 

MS Education Academy

Soon enough, people got to know about this special library of discarded books. Many even donated their old books into the collection. As it happens, the idea behind this library touched everyone’s heart. Initially, this library was supposed to be used only by the Turkish garbage collectors and their respective families. However, the immense love and support it received deserved a change of plans. Currently, it accepts every member of the public. Like people, even books deserve second chances. The founders recently opened the library to the general public. 

Where is the library?

If you find this story interesting, hold on to your seats because there are many more exciting details. It’s a library like no other. The library also reflects the humble beginnings of the Turkish garbage collectors. It not only houses abandoned books, but it also is built inside a former brick factory.

We would have never guessed that a building that formerly manufactured bricks would now house over 25,000 nonfiction and fiction books. The library has been meticulously arranged into seventeen different categories. Another great detail about this library is that it offers relief to nearby sanitation workers. Many of them take breaks to come into the library and browse through books. 

Moving library introduced

If you thought the quirky and heartwarming details were over, think again. Apart from the grounded library, the Turkish garbage collectors have also converted one of their trucks into a mobile library. They have an impressive collection of books inside this former garbage truck. What does this mobile library do? Well, we are glad you asked. It collects discarded books and delivers them to district libraries and schools. 

And so, the Turkish garbage collectors are not only uplifting society, but they are also spreading love.

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