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UAE: Major changes for expats, job categories reduced from 3000 to 700

UAE: Major changes for expats, job categories reduced from 3000 to 700
Indian construction workers taking a stroll on the Dubai Marina Promenade during lunch/heat break.

Mumbai: New changes were introduced for expats in UAE. After these changes, UAE employers have to select job titles from the list of 726 categories which were 3000 earlier. This new list was introduced last month.

According to the report published in TOI, new classification is as per the standards set by International Labour Organization, said immigration experts.

It may be mentioned that there are five levels of professional skills and each job title belongs to one of these levels.

It may be noted that each candidate must have educational qualification relevant to job titles. Earlier, many designations were exempted from this requirement.

Top destination for Indian Expats

Among middle east countries, UAE was the top destination for Indian expats for the past two years. From 1st January 2018 to 30th November 2018, out of total expatriates heading to Gulf countries, 1.03 lakh Indian went to UAE.

It may be noted that many Indian expats who go to UAE are blue collar workers. They do not require any specific education. However, they may require practical skill.

White collar workers such as engineers, doctors etc need to have professional degrees.

Although the new norms are not likely to impact blue collar workers, it may impact white collar workers.

Apprehensions are being made by many people belonging to different sections of society. There is a fear that the pool of eligible employees will get reduced and employers might face difficulties in hiring employees. New norms will compel companies to hire local candidates before recruiting expats.

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