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Uncleared garbage turns Hyderabad into ‘Kachra-abad’

The foul smell emanating from the garbage ‘greet' motorists and passers- by everywhere

Uncleared garbage turns Hyderabad into ‘Kachra-abad’

HYDERABAD: Overflowing garbage bins, trash scattered all around has became a common sight.

The foul smell emanating from the garbage ‘greet’ motorists and passers-by everywhere.

The scene is similar in the lanes of the old city Hyderabad. The garbage bins particularly in areas like Shahgunj and Khilwath ground are overflowing with trash.

Monumental Apathy

One more view is from the Devdi Iqbal-ud-Dowla, which become a permanent dump yard where garbage is seen piled-up.

A bin is placed right in front of the huge mansion, built by Shams al-Umara-I in the late 18th century telling the sorry state of affairs.

‘Hyderabad’ To’Kachra-abad’

The mounting garbage on roads are not only causing inconvenience to the residents and pedestrians but also to the worshippers who where on their way to mosques to offer prayers.

Despite this, GHMC authorities maintain that garbage is being collected regularly.

If this uncleared garbage in the lanes and bylanes will continue to remain the same, then it will definitely turn ‘Hyderabad’ into ‘Kachra-abad.’

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