Venezuela uprising: Guaido admits there weren’t enough military defectors on his side to declare victory

Caracas [Venezula]: Venezuela’s self-proclaimed President Juan Guaido admitted that he did not have enough military defectors on his side to declare victory during yesterday’s uprising in Caracas.

Addressing a gathering of his supporters during a rally against the Nicolas Maduro government on Wednesday, Guaido said, “We have to insist that all the armed forces [show up] together. We are not asking for a confrontation. We are not asking for a confrontation among brothers, it’s the opposite. We just want them to be on the side of the people.”
Thousands of pro-Guaido supporters demonstrated in Venezuela’s capital on Wednesday, a day after violent clashes broke out between protesters and government forces, injuring 71, reported CNN.

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Meanwhile, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro told reporters here that the possibility of his country intervening in Venezuela is “close to zero.”

Bolsonaro added that the 25 members of the military who requested asylum at the Brazilian Embassy in Caracas on Tuesday were not able to enter the building.

“They were not able to get into the embassy because as we have seen in Venezuela, the Maduro dictatorship, there are obstacles so people can’t get into the embassy very easily,” Bolsonaro said.

Venezuela is facing an acute economic and humanitarian crisis at the moment, which is worsened by repeated sanctions from the United States. Maduro’s government has continued to deny the existence of a humanitarian crisis in the Latin American nation, blocking off his country from receiving any aid sent by the US. He has also blamed the United States for the blackouts which brought the nation to a standstill recently.

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