What will impeachment mean for the Donald Trump?

In another dramatic event after the United State’s Capitol attack, The US House of Representatives approved the impeachment resolution moved on January 13 against outgoing President Donald Trump. The resolution introduced by Rep Jamie Raskin and was moved with a support of more than 200 votes and with 10 votes from Republicans.

The resolution also called for vice president Mike Pence to invoke section 4 of the 25 amendments to the US constitution and start the trial against Trump.

Section 4 states that a president can be removed from the office if he is deemed incapable to discharge his power and duties and it all empowers the vice president to discharge the powers as acting president for the time being.

The resolution was moved on ground that Trump has incited the rioters to attack the Capitol building last week.

The entire chaos that followed from January 6, one maybe curious to what will happen if the President is convicted in his impeachment move, which earlier failed and now with just 7 days in office.

Let us list out some possible consequences: 

If convicted then Donald Trump will become the first President to be impeached, also the first president to be impeached for an extraordinary reason of turning people against the US government and, finally, for two impeachment moves against him.

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Previously the impeachment was moved against Andrew Johnson in 1868, and Bill Clinton in 1998. However, they were not convicted. For the conviction of Trump, a two-third majority of the new convened Senate is required and that will happen after Jan 19.  

Quickly, let us go through some of the questions that may be boggling your mind since the Capitol attack.

Will he be jailed?


Will he be fined?


Will he be barred from holding any federal offices in future?

The constitution states that one punishment for a conviction is that disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honour or profit or trust under the united states but it is not clear whether the senate vote is required or not for such declaration.

Can he run for presidential elections in future?


What will happen to his businesses?

Nothing, they will run as usual.

What is the quantum of punishment?

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The constitution only mentions two punishments, removal from office and disqualification from holding the office of trust or honour or profit. There is no other punishment that he will be resorted to. 

What will happen to the decisions taken by him?

The decisions can be overturned if deemed unfit or harmful.

“Incitement of insurrection is a very serious charge. He may not be jailed as president has the power to pardon him but any future acts of violence can land him in jail once he is out of office. The matter will not die down once Trump leaves office”, says Adam Ur Rehman, US-based Entrepreneur.

 “I don’t think Trump is going to submit resignation. He is such an influential personality. The most important thing is that the new Senate House has to pass the resolution with a two-third majority which is very unlikely to happen to start the trial. In this course, trump can also block the trail saying it violates the constitution”, says Asif Hussain, an observer of American Politics.

 It is a gripping show for people as new developments unfold.

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