If caught by lynching mob, fight back, Maulana Madani advises

Hyderabad: For the first time since the lynching of Muslims got intensified more than five years ago, a leading scholar and political activist have asked his community members to avoid situations where they could be attacked by Hindu mobs of zealots. First, try to escape the life-threatening situation by tact but when failed to defend yourself, he added.

Maulana Mahmood Madani, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, said in a recent video interview, that the Muslims should use their right to defend themselves. “God forbid, if you find that you have been caught in a sticky situation, then do not be afraid of death. There is no point in pleading with the mob. It would get emboldened. You have the right to defend yourself. Use it to the full potential,” he said.

Siasat.com is reproducing the interview of Maulana Madani:

“One thing I would like to tell the Muslim youth. Exercise caution. Never give up on caution. Avoid going to places where you could be caught alone. If by chance there is an argument, use wisdom, smile and try to leave the place. Do not allow the argument to escalate.

If all your precautions fail and you get stuck then do not be afraid of death. When you try to plead politely, it does not work. They (mob) will get embolden. Then use your right to defend. Then whatever has to happen would happen. Do not give up your right to defend. Fight back with all the force at your disposal,” he concluded.

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