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When Raveena Tandon rescued a kitten

When Raveena Tandon rescued a kitten

Mumbai: Actress Raveena Tandon, known to be an animal lover, rescued a kitten recently.

The actress was out at a busy street of Bandra West when she saw the kitten wandering the streets. She got out of her car and picked it up.

Raveena then contacted People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India.

“It has been raining cats and dogs, and many puppies and kittens are in need of good homes,” said Raveena. “People can help animals by contacting PETA India if they are looking to welcome a dog or cat into their homes, by getting their own animal companions sterilized, and by supporting the sterilization efforts of non-governmental organizations,” she added.

Raveena is also known to take to social media, to share details of abandoned dogs or urge followers to save tigers.

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