YouTuber rents helicopter to find solution to a physics question

Curious over a controversial physics question, a YouTuber in the United States of America rented a helicopter to find the solution.

Youtuber, Derek Muller, who runs a channel by the name Veritasium, rented a helicopter as he was curious to know the solution to a hypothetical question in the US Physics Olympiad team of 2014. “The story of a controversial physics question on the qualifying exam for the 2014 US Physics Olympiad team. How does a uniform cable beneath a helicopter hang?” wrote Muller while sharing the video on his platform, putting an end to a ‘controversial physics debate’.

At the beginning of the video, he put up a poll on YouTube to ask the audience what they think the answer may be. A majority of them choose option C. Whereas a majority of people, questioned on his on-ground survey choose options B or C.

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In the video, after the helicopter took off, the man lowered a battle rope 15 meters long and 20 kilograms heavy. The Youtuber comes to the conclusion that the answer to the question is in fact option B.

Derek, was not satisfied with finding the exact solution to the question and chose to experiment, adding weights and props to the battle rope. He witnessed that each prop added to the battle rope gave him a different solution from the options given.

Watch the video here:

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