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Imran Pratapgarhi responds to Sonu Nigam’s anti-Azaan tweet

HYDERABAD:: Famed Urdu and Hindi language Poet Mohammad Imran Pratapgarhi fiercely criticized Sonu Nigam’s controversial tweet on Azaan.

Sonu Nigam on Monday morning triggered controversy by raising an insensitive question on the use of loudspeakers for ‘Azaan’.

Imran, on his Facebook page has advised the 43-year-old singer to be a human being.

Let’s look at what Imran has said on this whole issue.

Sonu Bhai,

Azaan se apki neend mai khalal padta hai, chaliye mana.

Lekin jin logaon ko apke gaane sunkar kaan mai dard hota hai agar woh log apke gaanaon pe pabandi ki baat karne lage toh kya hoga?
Mere pados mai ek mandir hai, subha subha bhajan sunkar meri neend khulti hai, kabhi kabhi raat bhar ka jaga rehta hu, lekin kabhi bhajan ya aarti ya azaan se chid nahi hoti!

Aap kalakaar ho, logaon ke jazbaoun ko itna toh samman seekh li jiye!

Aapko yaad hai ek baar bhikari ban kar aap chaurahe par gaa rahe the, toh aapko bhuka samajhkar jis ladke ne khana khane ke liye aapke haath mai 12 rupaye chipka diye the aur aapne use frame karwa ke rakha hai, shayad Azaan ki awaaz usi ki ho!

Insaan bano yaar!

(“Sonu Bhai,  your are disturbed by the Azaan’s sound make you unhappy with your sleep from Azaan … but if people listen to your songs, there is pain in their ears, what if they start talking about restrictions?”

There is a temple in my neighborhood; I wake up after listening to the bhajan in the morning. Sometimes I stay awake all night, but the sound of Bhajan or Aarti or Azaan never annoyed!

You are an artist, at least learn to respect people’s emotions!

Remember! Once you were singing at the crossroads as a beggar, a young man thinking you might be hungry; gave 12 rupees in your hand for food … which you have even framed it … maybe the voice of Azaan was of that same person!

Be a Human Being…)

By giving such statements, neither you will be able to attend the Rajya Sabha nor will you get a bigger prize, because even if you compete, Abhijeet is still ahead of you!

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