Saudi males hesitate to marry women working in hospitals and media

, 7:29 AM IST

Abha: Saudi citizens hesitate to marry women who are working in the establishments which employ men and women. In Saudi Arabia in hospital both men and women work together

Umm-e-Talal who is an agent for matrimonial alliances noticed that a number of cases of men have to came to light wherein they did not want to marry women working in departments where men and women work together. Even the highly qualified men refuse to marry such women. She also told that most males do not prefer doctors and nurses.

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Mr. Abdullah Al-Salman, Director of the Human Development Center of Saudi Arabia observed that no generalization can be made taking into consideration one or two cases.

Saudi men are of the opinion that doctors, nurses and news reports have to work even in odd hours which make family life difficult and hence they do not prefer such alliances.