A life lost: UP Police apologised now for Qasim lynching in Hapur

A life lost: UP Police apologised now for Qasim lynching in Hapur
Qasim pulled away by frenzy mob in police presence (Twitter)

HAPUR: After a photograph of Muslim man being dragged with three policemen in the frame escorting a Hindutva mob went viral, UP Police issued an apology statement saying ‘sorry’ for the Hapur incident.

The state police came in the eye of the storm after a photograph of body of Qasim with his clothes torn and bloodstain being dragged also captured three policemen emerged on social media.

In its statement posted on Twitter by the Director General of Police headquarters, it said, “We apologise for the incident. All the three policemen seen in the picture have been transferred to Police Line and an enquiry has been ordered.

“The picture seems to have been taken when the Police had reached the spot to shift the injured to a Police Vehicle & because of the non-availability of an ambulance at the moment the victim was unfortunately carried that way.”

The statement further added, “Admittedly, the policemen should have been more sensitive in their conduct. The humane concerns got ignored in the urgency of saving a life and maintaining law and order. As is clear from the other picture, the victim was rushed to the hospital by policemen in a UP 100 PRV.

The caption of the statement by the UP Police was even more forthright as it said, “We are Sorry for the Hapur Incident. Law & order incidents often lead to unintended yet undesirable acts.”

On Monday, Qasim, a 45-year-old cattle trader was brutally beaten to death and 65-year-old Samiuddin sustained serious injuries in an assault by Hindutva mob.

The video of Qasim pleading for water from the mob too went viral on social media platforms.

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