List of Indian cities that make it to top 40 startup destinations

According to Startup Genome, Bengaluru is the best Indian city for startup.


In the list of the top 40 best destinations for startups, two Indian cities feature. Out of the 40, ten cities are in Asia.

According to Startup Genome, a world-leading policy advisory and research organization, 18 American cities are on the list.

Indian cities in the list of best startup destinations

In the list of the best startup destinations globally, three Indian cities are included. They are:

  1. Bengaluru
  2. Delhi
  3. Mumbai

Among Indian cities, Bengaluru tops the global ranking at 20. The global ranks of the other Indian cities, Delhi and Mumbai, in the list of the best destinations across the world, are 24 and 31, respectively.

Top 40 best cities for startups

Following is the list of the top 40 best cities for startups:

  1. Silicon Valley
  2. New York City
  3. London
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Tel Aviv
  6. Boston
  7. Beijing
  8. Singapore
  9. Shanghai
  10. Seattle
  11. Washington DC
  12. Seoul
  13. Berlin
  14. Amsterdam
  15. Tokyo
  16. San Diego
  17. Toronto – Waterloo
  18. Paris
  19. Chicago
  20. Sydney
  21. Bengaluru
  22. Stockholm
  23. Miami
  24. Delhi
  25. Austin
  26. Sao Paulo
  27. Philadelphia
  28. Denver-Boulder
  29. Atlanta
  30. Vancouver
  31. Mumbai
  32. Salt Lake-Provo
  33. Melbourne
  34. Dallas
  35. Shenzhen
  36. Zurich
  37. Munich
  38. Hangzhou
  39. Greater Helsinki
  40. Montreal

Most of them are from North America.

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