Google adds ‘AI support assistant’ chatbot to some of its Help pages

Google stated that its "AI is still learning" and that its "help guide may show inaccurate results."

San Francisco: Google is rolling out a new “AI support assistant” chatbot on some of its Help pages to provide users with product assistance.

When visiting the support pages for some Google products, users will encounter a “Hi, I’m a new Al support assistant. Chat with me to find answers and solve account issues” dialogue box in the bottom-right corner of your screen, reports 9to5Google.

Google stated that its “AI is still learning” and that its “help guide may show inaccurate results.”

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Additionally, “human reviewers may process your help-guided conversations for quality purposes.”

“We take steps to protect your privacy, including disconnecting your conversations with help from your Google Account before reviewers see them,” Google wrote on its support page.

The chat window can be extended to fill your entire screen, and each session begins with “Hi, I’m an AI support assistant.”

You can “add details or ask a question” by using the text box below. After receiving a response, users can leave a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to indicate how helpful it was, as well as “View my answer sources” to identify which support documents were used to influence the response, the report said.

Presently, the chatbot is not live for all products listed in Google Help. It seems to have appeared on Google Maps, Messages, and Accounts, the report noted.

Meanwhile, Google is adding a new option in the Play Store, which will let users uninstall apps from their other Android devices remotely. According to the Google System Updates changelog, the Play Store is now rolling out a new option for removing apps from “other connected” Android devices.

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