Humane Touch Trust grants Udaan Scholarship to 150 students

Udaan Scholarship is a merit cum means scholarship

Humane Touch Trust, a Bangalore-based NGO working in the field of education since 1999, recently conducted a scholarship event to honor 150 students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

The Udaan Scholarship is a merit cum means scholarship, with minimum criteria of 75% and above consistently through the student’s academics. Students also had to submit a personal essay to express their life story and future dreams and aspirations. Through an online form, in less than 4 weeks’ time,
the Trust received more than 350 applications. The applications were scrutinized on the basis of the
minimum criteria and shortlisted for the interview. The interview process led to the final selection of
the Udaan Scholars. The final selection of students lays emphasis on women’s education with more
than 75% of the awards given to them. Further, special consideration was given to orphans and those
from challenging backgrounds. The students in this round were from various colleges and universities
in Bangalore, covering courses like BCom and BCA.

Amaan Asim, Treasurer of the Trust, said “Last year, the Udaan scholarship covered 75 students, and
a total allocation of Rs.7 lakhs. This year, the Trust has doubled its commitment and sponsored
scholarships worth Rs.15 lakh. Our commitment to education as a tool for empowering the
community is clearly shown with this move.”

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On Sunday, the 25th of June, in Bangalore an event was organized to honor the students selected and
hand over the awards. As part of this event, several important personalities and patrons of the Trust
participated. This included former Rajya Sabha MP and Chairperson of the Congress’ Research Department Professor Rajeev Gowda, and Vice Chancellor of the St Joseph’s University Bangalore
Rev Fr Lobo among others. Rajeev Gowda took the opportunity to remember his own journey and
how he was motivated to study by a family member, and that led to a cycle of change for him and his
family. Fr Lobo expressed his firm belief in education as the key to changing the status of minorities
in the country and also reaffirmed his commitment to working together towards inter-faith harmony.

As part of the event, a 12-minute documentary on the NGO’s efforts in the field of education was
launched as well. The audience was touched and moved by the film, with many donors in the
audience making a commitment to sponsor students in the future.

Humane Touch Trust through this event displayed a commitment to interfaith harmony as well, by
providing scholarships to students from all communities, with the common criteria of merit and
means. This is a remarkable feat, as the Trust majorly receives Zakat donations, that are designated
towards underprivileged Muslims. However, by raising funds specifically toward this, they have
shown a large-hearted focus on uplifting everyone irrespective of their religion or caste.

The Secretary of the Trust, Tazaiyun Oomer, mentioned that the Trust will continue to pursue
scholarships, with another round in the next few months focused on students who have received
government quota seats through competitive exams in professional courses like CET and NEET.

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