Hyderabad Reacts: The impact of RBI’s decision to withdraw Rs 2000 notes

The Reserve Bank of India’s recent announcement to withdraw the circulation of Rs 2000 notes has triggered a wave of diverse reactions among the people of Hyderabad. We hit the streets to capture the sentiments and opinions of Hyderabadis regarding this significant change in currency policy. From local shopkeepers to professionals and common citizens, we sought to understand how this decision is impacting their daily lives and transactions. Join us as we explore the range of reactions and concerns arising from the withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes.

The withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes has elicited diverse perspectives among the people of Hyderabad. While some individuals have embraced the move, viewing it as a step towards combating corruption and counterfeit currency, others have expressed surprise and confusion, given the prominent role these higher denomination notes played in their financial transactions.

To delve deeper into the sentiments and reactions of Hyderabadis regarding the withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes, we invite you to watch the complete video coverage by The Siasat Daily. Gain valuable insights into how this decision is impacting the daily lives and transactions of locals and hear directly from the people of Hyderabad as they express their concerns and opinions.

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