‘Naya Zamana’: Sachh Bharat’s new song on evolving Hyderabad is out

The song has attempted to reflect the vibrancy of Hyderabad, encapsulating the essence of a city on the cusp of a new era

Hyderabad: In a celebration of the evolving cultural landscape of Hyderabad, Sachh Bharat Group has unveiled their latest musical endeavor titled ‘Naya Zamana – Hyderabad Badal Gaya’.

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The song, written, composed, and sung by the Sriram Mudambi, features him, Yash Puri and a dynamic team. The audio production is credited to V-Sound, while the video production is handled by Backstage Blues.

Hyderabad, a city steeped in history, is experiencing a renaissance, and ‘Naya Zamana‘ captures the essence of this transformation. The song not only brings forth a unique fusion of modern beats but also showcases the local flavor through the distinctive Hyderabad-Deccani dialect.

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Sriram Mudambi, the creative force behind the track, expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “Hyderabad has undergone a significant transformation, and it’s time we celebrate this change. ‘Naya Zamana’ is not just a song, it’s a reflection of the new mindset that is emerging in our beloved city.”

The accompanying music video serves as a visual feast, highlighting the various facets of Hyderabad’s development. The cinematography skillfully weaves together the narrative of the changing times in Hyderabad.

One noteworthy aspect of ‘Naya Zamana‘ is its exploration of the Hyderabadi way of life and common habits in the present era. The lyrics resonate with the youth, who are seen grooving to the contagious beats of the song. The rap elements add a contemporary twist, making it a trendsetter among the latest wave of Hyderabadi music.

As the city embraces a ‘Naya Zamana‘, the song serves as a rallying cry for residents to adopt a fresh perspective and welcome the future with open arms. The track encapsulates the spirit of change and growth that defines the contemporary Hyderabad, urging everyone to celebrate the city’s metamorphosis.

‘Naya Zamana – Hyderabad Badal Gaya’ has attempted to reflect the vibrancy of Hyderabad, encapsulating the essence of a city on the cusp of a new era. The song can also be viewed on Facebook and Instragram:

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