New Zealand government negotiations conclude, coalition deal signing on Friday

Luxon expressed optimism that the new government could be sworn in on Monday.

Auckland: In a significant development, the government coalition negotiations have reached their final stages, with the National Party’s leader, Christopher Luxon, anticipating the formal signing of the deal on Friday. Luxon expressed optimism that the new government could be sworn in on Monday, with Parliament set to resume on December 5th.

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The anticipated deal, pending ratification by the parties and their boards, is expected to be formally announced on Friday. Christopher Luxon, in a media briefing on Thursday, conveyed his hope that ratification would be completed by the end of the night.

Upon successful ratification, Luxon plans to confer with the Governor-General to formally confirm the government’s formation. The subsequent day will witness a formal signing ceremony and announcement, followed by the revelation of the Cabinet and ministerial responsibilities later in the afternoon.

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Luxon deemed the three-way coalition “historic” and emphasized the meticulous approach taken to ensure its success. While acknowledging some final issues to resolve, he highlighted that the earlier impasse had been overcome that morning.

The selection of the deputy prime minister emerged as a key hurdle in recent days, with potential solutions including a split term or the appointment of two deputies. Luxon revealed that details, including the deputy prime minister, would be disclosed after the deal’s ratification, dismissing the possibility of co-deputies suggested by some.

Peter Peters, on the other hand, dismissed the notion of co-deputies, emphasizing that New Zealand had never had such an arrangement before.

Luxon expressed confidence in the alignment of goals among the three parties and teased a comprehensive and specific work program for the next three years. He praised the negotiation process for providing insight into each leader’s motivations and values.

The announcement that negotiations had concluded was jointly issued by the leaders of the governing parties in a brief statement at 4 pm. The statement outlined that the parties were undergoing internal processes for final sign-off, with a signing ceremony expected the following day, subject to agreement by all parties.

Luxon revealed plans to restart Parliament on December 5th, with both minor parties having knowledge of each other’s ministerial responsibilities in a broad sense. The weekend will see the parties moving into their new offices, culminating in a ceremonial Cabinet meeting on Monday.

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