Girl student ‘slapped’ by NCPCR member while inspecting Bengaluru madrasa

Another woman, who appears to be an office-bearer of the madrasa, said, "These people barged in and asked inappropriate questions to female students."

A female student at a madrasa in Bengaluru has alleged that a team of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), led by its chairperson Priyank Kanoongo, beat her up while asking inappropriate questions during an inspection recently.

The girl alleged that the team members asked her if she would be married and sent off to Kuwait or Dubai. “They arrived and checked every corner of the madrasa. Then they asked out orphan girls enrolled here. First, they asked one girl if anyone here would touch her inappropriately or beat her. Then they came to me and asked my name and age. Later, they asked me if I was getting married and going to be sent to Dubai,” she said.

In a video that surfaced on social media on Saturday, the girl went on to say: “They (NCPCR team) asked me about my family and mother’s name. When I refused, they slapped me.” The girl further said that she was asked how many girls from the madrasa got married and went to Dubai.

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In the video, another woman, who appears to be an officebearer of the madrasa, said: “These people barged in and asked inappropriate questions to these female students.”

She added, “They asked dirty questions to these students. They asked a man comes into the madrasa… what does he bring here… does he touch you… The kids are surprised upset as to why such questions were asked.”

They asked some students if they go to Saudi or Dubai after completing their studies in the madrasa. “They told some students why they were studying in the madrasa, and they should have studied MBBS and engineering instead,” she said looking agitated.

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