Google lays off entire python team citing cost-cutting measures

Tech layoffs are becoming increasingly common in today's fast-paced industry, reflecting ongoing shifts and challenges within the sector.

In a recent development, tech giant Google has allegedly fired its entire Python team, a move that has sent shockwaves through the tech industry. The decision, attributed to cost-cutting measures, involves hiring cheaper labour outside the United States to reduce expenses.

Why did Google fire its Python team?

The layoffs are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to reduce costs and optimize its workforce. The company is planning to establish a new team in Munich, Germany, which will take over the responsibilities of the laid-off Python team.

Roles and responsibilities of the team

According to, Google’s Python team, comprising fewer than 10 members, played a crucial role in maintaining a stable Python version within the company, updating third-party packages, customizing tools, contributing to Pybind11, developing build system rules, type checking with pytype, and performing automated refactoring.

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They also served as a support hub for Python users across Google and collaborated with various teams. Despite their small size, the team’s expertise and dedication were instrumental in driving innovation and maintaining Python infrastructure at Google.

Employees’ reaction after getting laid off

Thomas Wouters, a member of the Python Steering Council and Release Manager for Python 3.12 and 3.13, expressed deep disappointment on following the layoff. He wrote

“It’s a tough day when everyone you work with directly, including your manager, is laid off — excuse me, “had their roles reduced”, and you’re asked to onboard their replacements, people told to take those very same roles just in a different country who are not any happier about it. (It’s almost like capitalism isn’t actually good and you shouldn’t want to live in the US.) I suspect I’ll be taking Akio on extra long walks for the time being.”

Another post on on Mastodon garnered comments from a former member of Google’s Python team expressing deep disappointment over layoffs. The employee described their two-decade tenure at Google as their best job ever and criticized the company’s decision to lay off employees as unfair.

Google’s approach to restructure its business

Google’s finance chief, Ruth Porat, communicated the company’s ongoing restructuring efforts to employees via email. The focus is on expanding operations in Bengaluru, Mexico City, and Dublin.

Google fires 28 employees protesting Israel govt contract

Google dismissed 28 employees for protesting a contract with the Israeli government, following the suspension and arrest of nine workers in the US. The protests centred on a USD 1.2 billion Google Cloud deal. In response, Google emphasized its zero-tolerance policy for disruptive behaviour in an internal memo.

The company’s stance drew criticism from the protesting group, “No Tech for Apartheid”, labelling the firings as retaliation. Google defended its actions, stating they were based on a thorough investigation and may take further measures.

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