Gujarat man says will kill self if not allowed to vote for BJP, video goes viral

"Main bheek maang ke cylinder khareedunga lekin vote BJP ko hi dunga."

As Gujarat gears up for elections, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporter has stated that he would die by suicide if anyone stops him from voting for the saffron party and blame Congress for the extreme step.

In a video that has gone viral from the Bharuch district of Gujarat, the man can be heard saying he would vote for the saffron party even if prices of petrol and gas reach Rs 1000 and Rs 5000 respectively. The man gets animated while speaking to a reporter, stating that he is able to walk with an upright posture under the BJP rule. He claimed that if Congress came to power he would have to walk with his head down.

The man further says that he wouldn’t mind if he goes blind or would have to limp, but he would still vote for the BJP. Asked whether he would resort to begging if the prices continue to rise, the man says, “Main bheek maang ke cylinder khareedunga lekin vote BJP ko hi dunga.” The reporter is heard saying ” You have the right to vote, and no one can stop you from exercising it.” The man’s daughter watches perplexed as he carries on with his antics.

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