Hindu tax money is wasted on madrassas, ban them: Karnataka right-wing leader

Pramod Muthalik, the chief of Rashtriya Hindu Sena which is the parent organisation of the right-wing group Sri Ram Sene, in a video has demanded the state and the central government to ban all madrasas.

He also warned the centre that the organisation will take up a campaign on the issue if the centre and the state fail to agree to his demand. “Hindu taxpayers’ money is being wasted on madrasa education in the country,” he remarked.

“The government provides various grants to them. Yet there is no National anthem being sung or government syllabus being taught in Madrasas. No rules and regulations are observed here. In fact, most of them are bogus,” he alleged.

MS Education Academy

He further remarked that the teachers and students who study there are not Indians. “The grants provided by the government are being wasted on this Arabic education.”

He also demanded an investigation in this regard. “If the state and the central government do not heed our demand for the ban, then Sri Ram Sene will start an active campaign against the madrassas,” he warned.

This comes after the singing of the national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” has been made compulsory at all madrassas in Uttar Pradesh from Thursday. Leaders of the BJP and several right wing organisations in Karnataka also are currently demanding the same in the state.

BJP national general secretary C T Ravi on Saturday said those trying to make singing the national anthem a controversy are unfit to be in this country, as rendering it at any point of time should be a matter of pride.

Stating that those who are “emotionally” Indians will not make singing the national anthem controversial, he said madrassas should voluntarily follow it, instead of doing it under instructions.

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