Hyderabad: Paradise comes up with Dakshin E Khaas Biryani, Dakshin E Khaas Kebabs

Hyderabad: Biryani and Kebabs is something that every Hyderabadi or tourists in Hyderabad as well as Biryani lovers across the world look forward to. In the city, biryani is not just another cuisine but a way of life.

Hyderabad’s most loved restaurant Paradise has once again come up with an innovative Dakshin E Khaas Biryani and Dakshin E Khaas Kebabs on its menu for those who want to get the taste of the south but at the same time also have the flavor that is true Hyderabadi.

The Dakshin E Khaas Biryani is available to all the gourmands who want the authentic taste of Hyderabad with the touch of Southern spices. Here the chef has influenced the biryani with a graze of Chetinaad spice making it spicier with the aroma of pure ghee pepper adding a flavor some spin to one’s taste.

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A guaranteed relish as the chicken is fully cooked tender inside with the warmth of the dish and seams of flavours emitting there’s nothing not to love about the Biryani.

The menu put together by its Head Chef Mangesh Hinge features Dakshin E Khaas Kebabs and Dakshin E Khaas Biryani using tender chicken, rice spices and herbs including pepper, a special all spice mix and the kebabs marinated with a hint of the spicy birds eye chilli including the fragrance of pure ghee cardmoms. Meat, spices, rice all cooked together in the Kutchi Dum Biryani style while the kebabs marinated and cooked on charcoal to perfection.

A bite of Dakshin E Khaas Kebab will just melt in your mouth while the divine taste of Biryani the legacy of the Nizam cuisine will linger on the taste buds for long time. People today have several joints in nook and cranny of the city to get relish their Biryani’s. But Paradise has got this favorites dish to the Biryani and Kebab lovers which will play on your tastebuds and impress you with its richness.

Mr. Gautam Gupta CEO Paradise Biryani says Paradise continues to serve authentic Hyderabadi biryani that is Dum cooked and prepared freshly at each of its outlets They have a vision to become India’s First Indian Authentic QSR brand built with 70 years of heritage and history of serving world class quality food to all. Now they have added a new pillar of innovation to serve its food lovers who like to try new things alongside the heritage ones.

Siddharth Arora COO of Paradise Food Court said that Dakshin Biryani comes in the wake of catering to the ever growing cosmopolitan culture of Hyderabad. listed under the UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

Kushargra Gupta, head of marketing Paradise Food Court said that the connoisseurs can cap their desserts that are festive-themed such as a double ka meetha and the classic, firni. Paradise also has a versatile Menu for food aficionados. It has options for both non-vegetarians, vegetarians, egg lovers, mutton purist and chicken eaters in the form of Kebabs, biryani’s and curries.

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