Hyderabad: Two groups clash over property dispute in Old City; lawyer opens fire

During altercation, lawyer allegedly fired two rounds from his rifle at the rival group

Hyderabad: Tension gripped the Mirchowk area as two groups clashed over a property issue, leading to a lawyer reportedly opening fire with a rifle.

Late on Saturday night, Mirchowk police received information about a clash between two groups at Magar ki Bowli near Mandi Mir Alam. The involved parties were identified as Masood Ali Khan (a lawyer), Murtuza Ali Khan, Hashmathunisa Begum, Mohammed Khaleeq Ur Rehman Qureshi aka Arfath, Mohammed Aneeq Ur Rehman Qureshi, Ibrahim Ali Khan, Sultana, and other family members. The clash erupted as the groups confronted each other with lathis.

During the altercation, lawyer Masood Ali Khan allegedly fired two rounds from his rifle at the rival group. The incident caused panic in the area, prompting the arrival of the police.

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Both groups engaged in stone-pelting, intensifying tensions. As a result, additional police forces were deployed in the affected area. Mirchowk police quickly arrived at the scene and took both groups into custody.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the clash stemmed from an ongoing property dispute at Magar ki Bowli, Miralam Mandi, Hyderabad. In the late hours of the night, Masood Ali Khan’s group had locked the disputed property, while the opposing group forcibly broke open the locks. It was during this time that Masood Ali Khan retrieved his licensed rifle from his residence and fired two shots into the air.

Joint Commissioner of Police Coordination Gaja Rao Bhupal, along with other police officials, arrived at the scene later in the night.

Mirchowk police have registered two separate cases, with the lawyer facing charges under the arms act. Further investigations are currently underway.

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