‘Inappropriately clothed’ farmer denied entry to Bengaluru Metro; official sacked

When a commuter intervened, the official reasoned that the farmer was 'inappropriately dressed' and his baggage had a strong odour

The Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) sacked an official working at the Rajajinagar Metro after a viral video emerged where the official denied a farmer entry due to the odour of his clothes. The incident occurred on February 18.

A commuter shared the incident asking if Metro services were only for VIPs.

What happened?

A video surfaced on the internet on February 24 showing the purportedly discriminatory practice of BMRCL.

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The farmer, who spoke only Hindi, was stopped at the baggage checking point.

When a commuter intervened, the official reasoned that the farmer was ‘inappropriately dressed’ and his baggage had a strong odour.

This angered the commuter who argued with the officials in Kannada asking if the Metro services were for VIPs only. He reasoned that they could not prohibit the farmer from travelling in the Metro since he brought a ticket, as per the rules. He was joined by a fellow commuter who also questioned the same.

At the end, the commuter asked the farmer to accompany him to the Metro. “Dekha hoon kaun roktha hai (I will see who stops us),” he is heard saying.

BMRCL accused of discriminatory conduct

The video was shared with many tagging the BMRCL official handle for its discriminatory conduct.

“UNBELIEVABLE..! Is Metro only for VIPs? Is there a dress code to use Metro? I appreciate actions of Karthik C Airani, who fought for the right of a farmer at Rajajinagar Metro station. We need more such heroes everywhere. @OfficialBMRCL train your officials properly,” one commuter said.

BMRCL responds

Quickly responding to the situation, the BMRCL, on its official X account posted that it was an inclusive public transport and a probe had been initiated against the concerned officer.

“The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) said: “Namma (Bengaluru) Metro is an inclusive public transport. This Rajajinagar incident is being probed and the services of the security supervisor have been terminated. BMRCL regrets the inconvenience caused to the passenger,” the post read.

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