‘Misogyny ka sartaaj Salman Khan…,’ writes Sona Mohapatra on Facebook

Sona Mohapatra has been bashing various celebrities including Salman Khan and Shehnaaz Gill for supporting MeToo accused Sajid Khan

Mumbai: Popular singer Sona Mohapatra has been in the headlines again after she bashed Bigg Boss fame Shehnaaz Gill on Twitter. She had earlier lashed out at various prominent Bollywood celebrities during the MeToo movement too. Tori Surat singer criticised Shehnaaz for supporting MeToo accused Sajid Khan soon after the former’s video of stopping singing during Azaan went viral. But it did not stop there, Sona after directly questioning the talent of Shehnaaz Gill now posted another cryptic note on Twitter.

Sona Mohapatra in her cryptic tweet wrote, “Spend some money, time & effort on getting an education; music teacher, acting coach, voice-dialogue intonation coach & practice whatever other craft, you want to project as ur talent, profession. ‘Cute, glib talk, sucking up to successful men, buying PR, SM’, not success.” While she refrained from mentioning any name in her tweet, social media users are wondering if it’s an indirect jibe at Shehnaaz Gill.

It seems that Sona has indirectly targeted Shehnaaz Gill and netizens are reacting to it. Most of the social media users came in the support of Gill and lashed out at Sona for blaming anyone publicly.

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One day ago, Sona wrote on Facebook that Shehnaaz Gill’s paid armies are swarming her to put her in place while the media is referring to them as ‘fans’. She also targeted Salman Khan and Sajid Khan in her post. Sona wrote, ”reality tv starlet  ‘stopped her performance’ on Lokmat awards as a mark of respect to Azaan .. was paying twitter  to trend her large secular heartedness .. so I reminded her of how & why she lacked any respect for the victims of ‘star serial pervert’ Sajjid Khan when she was putting up support videos to whitewash /normalise him while entering big boss …  ‘respect’ should be generous no ? No respect for sisterhood  clearly .. & now the paid bot armies are swarming to put me in my place , media is referring to them as ‘fans’ …

”also she is doing Sajjid pervert Khan  & misogyny ka sartaaj Salman Khan’s  next 2 movies , so yes well rewarded with goodies.. also so the fight for fairness for womanhood gets a setback .. just another day. Because women like her & Jaqueline decide money, roles & gifts are better choices,’ ‘ she added.

She further wrote, ”Here’s to the men & women who see through this shit & support & fight the good fight.  (P.S no surprises, young starlet was rewarded with the award in the award show where she performed. Quid Pro Quo) Happy Woman’s Day in advance.”

Earlier bashing Shehnaaz Gill directly, Sona Mohapatra wrote, “all the twitter adulation for #ShehnaazGiII’s act of ‘respect’ today reminded me of her ‘support’, ‘reverence’ & ‘glorification’ of a multiple accused s*x offender & pervert #SajjidKhan when he was platformed on National TV. Wished she had some respect for her sisterhood. #MeToo”

Most of the fans seem unhappy with Sona and of course, she has to face the wrath of the fans of Shehnaaz, Sajid Khan and Salman Khan. The trio, Ambarsariya singer tried to target, enjoy a huge fan following and it might have also bad consequences on Sona’s future.

One of the users wrote, “In my school..my class teacher once told me “there is a big difference between being literate and being educated”.. I couldn’t relate to it then but I think it suits you perfectly ..you might know how to speak elite English but some basic moral values is what you really lack..+1,”

 Another user wrote, “This is not acceptable. Woh jo bhi kar rahi hai apne hardwork se kar rhi hai. Kyu piche pade ho app? Koi project chin liya kya usne? Kisiko nicha dikha ke koi bhi zyada upar ja nahi pta hai. That’s why Sana is raising high bcoz she never insult anyone. Sick woman. Disgusting”

A third users commented, “Tune itne saalon me nahi kamaya izzat woa hamari queen #ShehnaazGill ne itni young me kamaya hai . We are so proud of you my girl Sana baby.”

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