MP: After Khargone violence, Swami provokes Hindus to bulldoze Muslim homes

A video from Chhatarpur city of Madhya Pradesh has gone viral on Twitter that shows a narrator named Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri spewing hate against the Muslim community.

Amongst a huge gathering, with mostly women and children, a hyped Krishna Shashtri tells the gathering that all Hindus should wake up and unite against “those who throw stones.” Shashtri was referring to the recent stone-pelting incident in the state’s Khargone district in which Muslims were accused.

“It is my humble request that we unite against those who throw stones and as a form of retaliation, we should raze bulldozers into their houses and demolish them,” he said followed by loud cheers and claps from the audience.

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He further said, “We are also going to get a bulldozer. It is just that we do not have the money for it right now.”

Calling select Hindu cowards, who did nothing when stone-pelting incidents were being reported in different states of India, Krishna Shashtri said that it is time to lift weapons and use them against those who caused a commotion during the Ram Navami Shobayatra procession.

You can view the video here

Soon after his video went viral, a visibly happy Krishna Shashtri told his audience that he will continue to unite all Hindus. He also said, “A lot of people are not happy that I said the word ‘bulldozer’. Some people have demanded to pull down my videos. But these people do not know that I am not a baba but a daaba (problem).”

You can watch his video here.

Don’t believe in the government: Swami Prabodanand

In another news, a priest named Prabodanand, while addressing a religious gathering issued an open threat to the police saying if the houses of Muslims are not mowed down, then there would be consequences.

He also tells the gathering to stop believing in the government or authorities as they cannot do anything. “Every Muslim is a threat to peace and has become a mad Jihadi. I am not afraid of court cases, I will repeat what I said in Haridwar (he called for Myanmar Ethnic cleansing). We have to wipe out the J!hadis. And we have to work for this,” he said in a tweet.

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