‘Photo Nakko Le!’: Woman pushes BJP Hyderabad MP candidate during campaigning

A day earlier, in another purported video, she was seen pretending to shoot an arrow at the Siddiamber Bazaar mosque during a Ram Navami procession. However, she had denied it.

Hyderabad: Only a day after the purported video of BJP’s Hyderabad Lok Sabha polls candidate Madhavi Latha “shooting an arrow at a mosque” went viral on social media, she found herself in another controversy.

Amidst poll campaigning in Hyderabad, another video of the BJP’s MP candidate Latha surfaced on X, where a voter is seen pushing her away.

Latha, who is being deemed a strong contender against AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, has been carrying out door-to-door campaigns for the Lok Sabha polls with pomp and show.

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As she approached a woman at her doorstep to hand over a pamphlet of her campaign, the woman accepted it willingly and nodded her head as Latha attempted to speak to her. However, she quickly turned away. When the Hyderabad BJP MP candidate attempted to stop her and held her hand gently, the woman slowly pushed Latha away, while signalling that she and her cadre leave.

Latha, who didn’t seem dejected at first, spotted a camera recording the incident and snapped at the man saying, “Photo nakko le re! Photo nakko le. (Don’t take a photo).” She was visibly upset over the incident being recorded and demanded the camera be shut.

A day earlier, a video of BJP Hyderabad Lok Sabha candidate Madhavi Latha participating in the Ram Navami procession on Wednesday went viral on social media.

Following it, netizens started claiming that she was pretending to shoot an arrow at the Siddiamber Bazaar mosque during a Ram Navami procession. It drew significant criticism and demands for action.

In the video, Madhavi Latha is seen standing in a jeep at Siddiamber junction, pretending to aim an arrow, while onlookers watch. The crowd films the BJP leader’s action using mobile phones and cheers her on.

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