Sarson ka saag to Gajar ka halwa: Best Indian meals to relish in winter

As the winter season is intensifying the degree of its icy-cold temperature, the need for warmth and comfort food is increasing.There are numerous delicacies that you should not miss during the winter because the season is short and the list is extensive.

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Rogan Josh

While Kashmir is renowned for its picturesque beauty, the food is heavenly and mouth-watering.A signature dish in Kashmiri cuisine is rogan josh, also called Rogan ghosht. It is an aromatic curried meat dish is of Persian or Kashmiri origin. It is made with red meat, traditionally lamb or goat. The delicacy is coloured and flavoured primarily with onions, garlic and cardamom, Kashmiri chillies. And you can also try this dish.

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Gajar halwa

You can’t miss out on gajar halwa during the winter. Gajar halwa is a flavorful winter dessert made with carrot, milk, dry fruits and boiled until it becomes a halwa mixture. And if you are a sweet tooth make this in the winter season.

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Panjiri and Gond ka Laddoo

The nutritious Panjiri and Gond ka Laddoo is a big ball of a wheat mixture of ghee with jaggery and lots of dry fruits as part of it to give warmth to the bones. Panjiri and Gond ke Laddoo are nutritional powerhouses that are traditionally prepared in Northern India to combat the cold winters.

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Undhiyu, a Gujarati speciality, is made of seasonal vegetables, fenugreek, ghee, and spices. The constant stirring makes it rich, aromatic, and decadent. Undhiyu is a popular winter food in India due to its high nutritional content and fresh produce. Gujaratis, for one, cannot do without this every winter.

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Sarson ka Saag

A mouth-watering winter dish that warms up your chilly days, it’s none other than Makki ki roti and Sarson ka Saag. A popular winter meal from Punjab, which is just easy to make. Made with sarson and palak leaves with a dollop of butter goes well and having it with Makki ki roti, made from corn flour at any time of day.

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