Sri Ram Sena chief calls for picking up arms against Muslims

Hindutva leader and chief of Sri Ram Sena Pramod Muthalik on April 24 made yet another malevolent speech against the Muslim community. He told his audience that it is time to lift up ammunition like swords and guns as the wait for patience is over.

Speaking at a gathering in Karnataka, he said, “Until now, cordiality, brother-sister, love, affection. Enough. From now on muscle power, from now on Hanumantha, from now on bows and arrows of Ravan, from now on swords, from now on the mace, how much more patience? There is a limit for patience.”

Cursing the six hijab-clad girls from Udupi, who came to school to write exams but were turned away because of their attire, he said, “Listen to the court, keep your burqa aside and write the exam or else (you will) be kicked out of here.” He was met with loud cheers and claps from the audience.

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The Hindutva leader did not stop here. He declared the saffron flag is the flag of dharma. “We have decided to build a Hindu Rashtra under the same flag.”

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