Tere Bin: Know Meerub and Murtasim’s salary per episode

With their impeccable acting prowess, Yumna and Wahaj have consistently garnered attention and become the subject of much discussion not just in Pak but also in India and other countries

Hyderabad: Pakistani entertainment industry’s talented duo – Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali, who are currently sharing the screen in the hit drama series Tere Bin, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers around the globe. With their impeccable acting prowess, these talented actors have consistently garnered attention and become the subject of much discussion not just in Pak but also in India and other countries.

As Yumna and Wahaj continue to soar to new heights of success, fans are curious to know about their remuneration for each episode of Tere Bin. Scroll down and have a look. (Below numbers are as per various Pakistani YouTube channels and media portals).

The pair who portray the beloved characters of Meerub and Murtasim, a couple with a fiery relationship that is never short of drama has successfully managed to keep everyone hooked to their screens.

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Yumna Zaidi’s per episode fee for Tere Bin

Yuman Zaidi, who is known for her versatile performances has successfully established herself as one the most popular actress in Pakistan. Known for portraying diverse characters in social to romantic dramas, Yumna is the recipient of three Lux Style Awards.

The Parizaad actress who started her career as a supporting character in ARY Digital domestic-drama Thakan (2012), is now basking in the success of her recent hit drama Tere Bin. She is said to receive a fat cheque of Rs 2 Lakhs per episode.

Wahaj Ali’s Pay

Popular Pakistani actor Wahaj Ali has made a name for himself as one of the best performers to ever work in the Urdu television industry. After making his debut in 2015 with the serial Ishq Ibadat, he was critically acclaimed for his stellar performance as freedom fighter Shafi Imam Rumi in Jo Bichara Gaye.

Termed a heartthrob, his popularity and fame grew after he portrayed the character Murtasim in the famous drama Tere Bin. With his discipline and attention to his job as an actor, it is evident that The Dil Na Umeed actor is at the height of success.

Reportedly, Wahaj earns a hefty amount of Rs 2.25 Lakhs For each episode of Tere Bin!

In the realm of Pakistani television, Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi’s portrayal of Murtasim and Meerab in “Tere Bin” stands as a shining example of the power of exceptional acting and captivating chemistry.

While their performances have elevated the show to new heights, fans are eagerly anticipating the last episode to bid farewell to their beloved characters. The finale episode is likely to be aired on July 5th or 6th.

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