Top 3 must-visit spots for luscious Sitaphal Malai in Hyderabad

Make sure to explore these renowned spots in Hyderabad for a taste of Sitaphal Malai before the season bids adieu!

In Hyderabad, where every meal is a celebration, desserts hold a special place in the hearts of food enthusiasts. From the iconic Qubani Ka Meetha and Double Ka Meetha to rich Halwas, the city boasts a diverse array of sweet treats. However, when it comes to seasonal indulgences, Sitaphal Malai emerges as one of the most favourite desserts among Hyderabadis.

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When Custard Apples arrive, it’s Sitaphal Malai time! As soon as this fruit hits the markets, locals know where to head to grab this tasty treat, and if you’re not in the know, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. This guide will take you to the top places in Hyderabad for the yummiest Sitaphal Malai. Hurry, because the season won’t last forever!

Best Sitaphal Malai Spots In Hyderabad

1. Milan Juice Centre

With bustling outlets near Charminar, Nampally, and Mehdipatnam, Milan Juice Centre has become a go-to destination for dessert lovers. Amidst the chaos of busy streets, their Shahtoot Malai (mulberry cream) and signature Sitaphal Malai are renowned for their deliciousness. Whether you’re in the historic surroundings of Charminar or uptown Hyderabad, Milan Juice Centre promises a delightful experience.

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2. Nice Juice Centre

Located in Tolichowki and Secunderabad, Nice Juice Centre has earned its reputation as a popular spot for fresh fruit desserts with luscious cream. Don’t miss the chance to try their Sitaphal Malai and Mango Malai, which are sure to tantalize your taste buds with every spoonful.

3. Siraj International

For a delightful rendezvous with Sitaphal Malai, head to Siraj International in Mehdipatnam. This spot is a must-visit if you’re on a quest for the most delicious rendition of this seasonal delight. Let the rich flavours and creamy texture of Sitaphal Malai at Siraj International elevate your dessert experience this season.

As the Custard Apple season unfolds, make sure to explore these renowned spots in Hyderabad for a taste of Sitaphal Malai before the season bids adieu. Indulge in the city’s sweet offerings and treat your palate to the magic of this seasonal delight! Which is your favourite spot? Comment below.

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